Achieving the consistent representation of women and minorities in cybersecurity through programs designed to foster recruitment, inclusion and retention – one person at a time.”

ICMCP Chapters: Be Global, Engage Local

While technology and security threats have long since erased many of the physical boundaries and limitations of the past, nothing yet has replaced the community spirit that brings an organization to life at the local level. As ICMCP works to advance initiatives on a national and international scale, we likewise will depend on a growing network of chapters to allow the full value of the organization to take hold.

Why Chapters Matter

As much as technology has attempted to emulate face-to-face networking and learning, we remain connected to friends, colleagues, and communities on a local basis. In support of a burgeoning membership, ICMCP views the development of local chapters to be a key part of the equation. ICMCP’s growing network of chapters serves as a vital connection point for current and aspiring cyber professionals, employers, universities, and others with a vested interest in ICMCP’s mission.

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One Person at a Time

In the end, we can never forget that cybersecurity is driven by people, which is why ICMCP leans significantly on the words and the spirit of the following phrase: “One person at a time.” Chapters supply an integral connection point, allowing ICMCP to reach key audiences—members, students, employers, those seeking second careers—with people on the ground who know the local market and where opportunities for growth and influence reside.

Help Us Form a Local ICMPC Chapter in Your Market

If you have the spirit and the time to build a local presence for ICMCP in your local market, we’re eager to talk. Make no mistake, ICMCP chapter development requires leadership and commitment. It requires a passion for the subject matter. It requires individual with influence and vision, who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to spread ICMCP’s message—while building visibility for its programming and opportunities.

If you’ve got the spirit, the energy, and the commitment to form and lead an ICMCP chapter, let’s talk.

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