MENTORSHIP – Leverage this FREE Resource!

MENTORSHIP – Leverage this FREE Resource!

A mentor is a more experienced professional in your chosen field who offers career guidance, personal & professional advice, and assistance from a ‘real world’ point-of-view – having ‘been there, done that.’

ICMCP members have a tremendous opportunity with MENTORSHIP.  The ICMCP Mutual Match Mentorship-Protégé program is FREE to members, and offers amazing, personal, one-to-one support from some of the brightest minds in the Cybersecurity field…just for the asking!  (and the sign-up)

JUNE 1, 2019 – is ICMCP’s next DEADLINE for the 3rd cohort this year.  ICMCP Members simply sign-up here for your very own MENTOR, and a powerful experience!

Career-Pathing is one of the key program offerings from ICMCP – informal networking, to our formal mentorship program.

If you’re looking to:  set and achieve career goals, make smart business decisions, overcome workplace challenges, learn new skills, or simply receive an outside perspective on a frustration you’re facing at work – the ICMCP Mentorship-Protégé Mutual Match is HERE!

Take a GREAT career step today!

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