The Password is: INCLUSION

The Password is: INCLUSION


INCLUSION – now you’re talking…!  “Diversity” is a term that is more often than not now being coupled with, “inclusion”.  The term ‘diversity’ has been attached to gender and ethnicity, at the risk of ignoring the important and measurable benefits of ‘inclusion’.  Representing not only gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, forward-looking industry leaders recognize that the term, INCLUSION represents the ideas associated with, and also includes: Professional Background, Professional & Life Experiences, Years of Experience, Skill Sets, Training, Socio-Economic Background…many attributes which can be assigned to any individual.  These INCLUSION attributes – if fully embraced & integrated – bring an even more diverse team to the table; leading to INNOVATION, thus COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

INCLUSION equals opening doors to MANY; outreach, support and inclusion of minority, women and underrepresented populations – from all walks of life & life experiences -  in the cybersecurity field.

(INCLUSION also leads to:  RETENTION – RETENTION is your next ‘password’!)


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