The Lazy Days of Summer…HA!

The Lazy Days of Summer…HA!

Nat King Cole crooned about “those lazy-hazy-crazy days of Summer” in 1963 – it’s an enduring image he created; and it’s a song that still rings true for so many. “Those days of soda and pretzels and beer…”, BUT – LAZY?!

At some point between 1963 and today, we lost lazy summers; didn’t we? Not that we wanted to, but…it seems even summertime is busy, and busier with each passing year.

Technology has perhaps brought some of that ‘un-lazy’ upon us – after all, many people’s ‘downtime’ is still filled with calls, and texts, and IM…on and on. Heck! There are even tons of, “Technology Summer Camps” for the kiddos now!

The colliding forces of vacation and technology has spawned a new industry: UNPLUGGED VACATIONS. The Travel Channel did a piece on how to REALLY get away from it all: “Best ‘Unplugged’ Vacations”…!

Here at ICMCP – we’re working our downtime around some EXCITING activities and programs. We don’t want to take up ALL of your summer, but we hope you’ll consider participating with us on a couple of ‘excursions’:

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS – OK. It doesn’t really have anything to do with an ‘excursion’, but…you might take some of your downtime to APPLY (or encourage someone you know to); a great job in cybersecurity could ‘secure’ great vacations for many years ahead…! DEADLINE: JULY 15 – HINT: the upcoming holiday might be the perfect time to fill out some paperwork!

ICMCP Summit WEST – July 31; a GREAT excuse to find yourself in the Bay Area! If you haven’t already signed-up, please do! – you should know…you’ll be on the Waiting List (yes – exciting news: we are sold out!), but you should still REGISTER; there will likely be spots that open up, and…you’ll want to be on our mailing list for on-going programming in the area – beginning in October

So admittedly, ICMCP is not really unplugging either….

BUT we’re gonna have some fun! – we’re going with those CRAZY DAYS OF SUMMER!

Thanks, Nat King Cole!

And don’t forget…ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE – ATLANTA, GA – September 17-18

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