Hacked Off!


Remember when that slang saying was ‘simply’ about being upset with someone, or something….?  As we all know, “HACKED” means something entirely different now…something far more insidious, sinister, and painful.

It seems the number of CYBER HACKS grow by the day.  We actually hear & know about quite a few – particularly those that have a big and significant impact on consumers.  But…what DON’T we know…how many hacks are going on out there that have a relatively ‘low’ impact…how many things have happened that we will NEVER know about….?

It’s hard to say; right?  After all, it’s hard to keep up, even for the most experienced, skilled and agile of cyber industry professionals.

What to do…?

To start:  This country – its communities and companies, its people – NEED MORE CYBERSECURITY PROFESSIONALS who can help with this growing issue!

There are so many organizations working to address this workforce shortage problem; ICMCP among them.  But it just doesn’t seem to be enough.  Community Colleges, Universities, Technical Training Providers, Industry-led Training Programs – they are all growing, and STILL….it seems we just can’t keep up with the hacks.

What to do, directly…?

To start:  ADVOCACY & MARKETING/COMMUNICATION – to the communities who seek greater opportunities:  minorities, women, under-represented communities…where they live!  

LET’S GO!  Let’s join together to get in front of students and transitioning workforce to let them know about the great opportunities for work in cybersecurity – growing opportunities, great paying jobs!  ICMCP is here to help, but…it will take ALL of our organizations to make this happen!  OUTREACH is the key – leveraging our organizations to more than, ‘networking’!  Let’s GO TO WORK & help bring students to the cyber workforce.  Let’s GO TO WORK and put programs in place to train transitioning workforce for these cyber jobs!


Join ICMCP to CREATE SOLUTIONS – let’s talk at:  ICMCP National Conference – Atlanta – Sept 17-18.
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