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Why You Should Become an ICMCP Sponsor

ICMCP is changing the world. But we’ll need full community support to get there.

Our “community” is vast, but includes corporations and institutions, large and small, that rely on a secure technology infrastructure for their success. In turn, as a non-profit organization, ICMCP relies upon the generosity of sponsors to direct resources and solutions to tackle challenges of enormous scale.

Take a look at ICMCP’s roster of sponsors and you’ll see iconic companies and brands that recognize the importance of a diverse and inclusive cyber workforce. You’ll see groups that know that their financial support of ICMCP isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s a smart investment in their own future.

Your support of ICMCP as a sponsor will fund professional development initiatives, training and scholarship opportunities, and other programs and services. These efforts will be of significant benefit to your company, providing you with a larger, more diverse talent pool to defend your technology infrastructure.

Now it’s your turn. ICMCP has different sponsorship packages to align with the needs and interests of your organization. Some ICMCP sponsorship benefits include:

  • Membership for your team members
  • Programmatic Committee Membership, with voting privileges
  • Cash scholarships
  • Marketing & Co-Branding Benefits
  • Corporate Networking & Matching
  • Discounted access to professional training programs
  • Talent Acquisition & Recruiting (job posting, access to member Slack channels, etc.)
  • Collaborate with ICMCP leaders for research, publications, presentations, and white papers and research studies

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