Assess Your Skills, Locate Your Roles in Cybersecurity

The urgent need for incorporating diversity across functions within cybersecurity is well-established. A critical component of that effort is to attract the right talent and then put that talent in a position to succeed. ICMCP therefore sees skills assessment as one of its key roles and the organization is pleased to partner with Human Resources Systems Group (HRSG) to offer a competency-based cybersecurity talent management system called “Competency Core.” It’s an AI-powered system that integrates industry-best competencies and job descriptions to identify cybersecurity roles in which individuals are most likely to be successful.

From employers’ perspectives, ICMCP and HRSG’s partnership solves one of the biggest challenges they face—putting the right people on the right career paths. By conducting skills assessments and then providing access to education and training and scholarships to go along with a mentor-protégé program and other networking opportunities, ICMCP lays out a career development path that benefits employers and cybersecurity professionals alike.

For its part, HRSG has defined the world of work as a market-leader in the field of competencies, job descriptions and HR management software. ICMCP is excited to offer HRSG's distilled expertise through their leading job description software and competency management platform.

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Job Description & Competency Management Software

CompetencyCore puts HR in control by taking the 'job' out of job descriptions, competencies and interview questions. Implement and maintain standardized job descriptions, all linked with powerful competencies, to help your organization make better talent decisions. 

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Competency & Job Descriptions

Utilize our selection of behavioral, technical and leadership competencies to build focused descriptions of successful performers. Draw from our machine learning job descriptions to map your world of work.


Professional Services

HRSG’s competency-based management solutions provide a proven and strategic approach for managing talent by aligning competencies as the driving force for hiring, developing, promoting, engaging, retaining and managing employees.

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